May 23, 2024

5 Essential Things You Should Do After a Drunk Driving Accident


It’s no secret thatdrunk driving is dangerous because you pose harm to yourself and other road users. The consequences of such include jail time or fines. Nevertheless, it’d be best to take necessary precautions after a drunken driving accident. You may be asking, but do drunk drivers have rights? Yes, you have rights like other citizens, such as the right to due process and fair trial, the right to remain silent to avoid incriminating yourself, and the right to a lawyer. Therefore, you must do the following in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

  1. Call the police

First, it’d be best to call the police regardless of fault. Law enforcement officers will create a report used as evidence in legal proceedings and insurance compensation. In addition, they will ensure public safety and conduct a proper investigation to determine liability. Note that the blood alcohol limit range from .08 to .10 in most states, and only law enforcement can determine if you exceeded the limit. Furthermore, the officers will protect you from being roughed up and can take you into custody for the protection and safety of other road users. 

  1. Seek medical attention

It will also help to seek medical attention regardless of the injury’s magnitude. This process will examine and treat any visible injuries besides evaluating any signs of internal injuries or concussion. You will also document the injuries when you seek medical attention, which is essential for legal actions or insurance claims. In addition, a qualified healthcare provider can monitor delayed symptoms synonymous with such accidents. 

  1. Collect evidence

If in a position to, you can collect evidence on the accident scene by taking pictures or recording videos. This can help you during legal proceedings. In addition, it gives a clear record because the rescuers might tamper with the evidence before the law enforcement officers arrive. While at it, refrain from talking to the other driver’s insurance company or providing any statement regardless of fault. Doing so might incriminate you because anything you say is admissible in court. 

  1. Notify your insurance company

Contacting your insurance company is also essential after a DUI accident. Your insurance coverage policy may pay forthe car damages and medical expenses. In addition, doing so promptly protects your right to insurance coverage under your policy. And it also enables the company to launch investigations to determine the at-fault party. The professionals are well-positioned to preserve evidence because they will work in your best interest. 

  1. Consult a car accident lawyer

It’d be best to consult a good car accident lawyer after such an accident. If liable, you might ask, but do drunk drivers have rights? Yes, you do, and the right to an attorney is one of them. The legal representative will protect your rights and ensure that the other party’s insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you. Such professionals also help in giving legal guidance to help you in the case. If you find the best one, they can urge your case in court for a lenient penalty. 


Driving under the influence has a lot of risks; that’s why the law is harsh on it. However, in an unfortunate event of an accident, you should be careful about how you proceed to avoid risking your life, incriminating yourself, or tampering with evidence. Therefore, use the information you have read here to be safe. 

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