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Indore is a dazzling city where history entwines with modern technology. It won’t be wrong to say that the past meets the future here. The traditional practices and the contemporary principles come together beautifully to bring the best out of the city. The bustling streets and neighborhoods teem with life and evident energy. And trust us, the entire vibe is positively infectious!  

The curious travelers set out to understand the divine charm of the place, and at the end of the trip, they will discover more than just that. Each building, monument, mandir, and mahal has a story to tell. They are the traces or proofs of the city’s rich legacy and the pride of the locals.  When you ask someone about their Indore visit, you will get your answer from their eyes first; and then the verbal appreciation begins. That’s when you know the city stole their hearts and there is no coming back from it.

It is easy to find suitable accommodations in the metropolis for a comfortable stay.  You can book your rooms with Treebo Hotels in Indore at an affordable price. Moreover, the basic necessities like grocery stores, supermarkets, hospitals, and pharmacies are close to the properties.

There are several Indian cities that are equally good, beautiful, and stunning. Then why book my tickets to Indore of all places? Will it be worth my time or bore me to sleep? I love adventure, can I find it here? Or, I love to embrace the scenic beauty of nature, will I get it here? As tourists, you will have several such questions on your mind. But fret not, we have the answers for all of them

Read on to know the top 5 reasons why you should visit Indore for your next vacation!

  1. Cleanest and a Safe City in the Country

Indore is hailed as one of the smartest cities in India. They have enviable waste segregation methods, recycling standards, and Industrial waste handling techniques. The water canals, pipelines, and potable water distribution systems are well-maintained, crystal clear, and very hygienic. This is a stunt that most Indian cities still struggle to pull.

The municipality staff clears the garbage and sweeps the roads at night so that the locals can come back to a neat environment in the morning. In tourist places, the administration takes extra efforts to ensure that no one is littering the place. The coordination between different departments is commendable. It is the reason that Indore still secures the number 1 spot as the cleanest city in India. 

Moreover, it is a safe city with a low crime rate. If you are planning on a solo trip, we assure you that you will stay out of harm’s way. Irrespective of gender, the place is secure for everyone. 

  1. The Food Capital of India

Indore happens to be the food capital of Hindustan! The special food markets have several stores offering the best culinary delights to visitors. The areas like Sarafa Bazaar and Chappan Dukaan have numerous outlets that have everything from sweets to namkeens, pizzas to hotdogs, chaat to dahi vada, coconut water to lassi – you name it and you have it. There are so many lanes to explore. If you pick a delicacy in one shop, the yum yums will digest in your stomach by the time you walk to another one. The crowd is very vibrant and you will have to be patient for your turn. 

The sellers often have a unique way of making sales – either by the way they serve or how they call out to potential customers. Some of the Indore special dishes include – Garadu, Khoya-jalebi, Dahi Vada, Dal Bafla, Bhutte ki Khees, Indori Sev, Moong Bhajiya, Indori Mawa jalebi, Rogan Josh, and Kebabs. Apart from these, you will also find Lassi, Badam Milk, Nariyal Paani, Milkshakes, and Shikanji in the stalls. 

  1. Shop for Handicrafts made by Skilled Artisans

The Indori handcrafted goods are flawless and perfect. The workers are very proud of their rich history, and cultural heritage. It is very evident in their work. The ones who love to go on a shopping spree will enjoy the local wholesale/retail markets in Indore. You can get unique items like leather toys, exquisitely carved terracotta pottery, and handwoven Chanderi and Maheshwari silk sarees. These textiles are also exported to other states and countries. You can also buy spices, handmade soaps, essential oils, and authentic Tribal jewelry from the markets. 

Don’t you think these items will serve as your perfect souvenirs? 

  1. Grand Palaces, Historic Monuments, and Temples

There are magnificent palaces that date back to the time of the Holkar Dynasty. Then the Britishers came by, added a splash of the colonial influence. Most of the monuments are a mixture of Maratha and Mughal architectural styles, nevertheless, a treat to the eyes. Some of the places that you can check out are the Rajwada Palace – a seven-storeyed residence of the rulers of Indore in the past, Lal Bagh Palace and museum, Kaanch Mandir made of pristine glass and mirrors, Krishnapura Chhatri – a cenotoph in memory of the deceased rulers, and Sukh Niwas – a small palace within the Lal Bagh Palace. You will not find such holistic blend of cultures anywhere else in India. 

On the other hand, there are religious temples that you shouldn’t miss. The Bada Ganapati temple has a 25 feet tall Lord Ganesha idol made out of a single marble stone. It is one of the largest idols in the world! The Gomatgiri has a tall statue of Lord Bahubali and is surrounded by pleasant scenaries. The Annapurna temple hails the Goddess of food, nutrition and prosperity. The Khajrana temple is another holy abode of the elephant-headed God, Ganesha. All these places will awaken your spiritual energy. 

  1. Scenic Gardens and Adventure Parks

Indore has parks that will help you relax in ease. A good walk in the Pipiliya Regional Park, around natural vegetation and chirping birds can refresh your mind. Sitting by the lake will help you appreciate the silence especially when you are surrounded by corporate noises everyday. Then there is Meghdoot Upvaan. Being in that place feels like basking in heaven’s lap. The lush-green trees, manicured bushes and a huge mountain with sound, music and light. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun in the evenings. There parks are therapeutic and a blessing to the soul. You will want to come back for more and more

These are only a few reasons for visiting Indore. But if you wish to know more, there are waterfalls, adventurous treks, festivals, cultural events, and the longest high-speed track to check out! You will need at least a week to completely see what Indore has to offer. While you are at that, book your stay with Treebo Hotels in Indore! To make your vacation more spectacular, you can avail benefits like – 

  • Online booking with generous discounts and coupons to further cut the price. 
  • Free WiFi, Complimentary morning breakfast, and fresh linens in the room.
  • Hygienic personal care products for extra safety from illnesses. 
  • Couple-friendly accommodations at budget-friendly rates.

Well, people say you don’t need a reason to go out on a vacation, you just need the will to do it. If you are intrigued by Indore, then you should pack your bags and explore it in its full glory!  You will have a good time, discover new things and make memories that you can hold on to. It is a suitable place to be in with your family, partner, or you can go solo and pamper yourself. 


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