November 29, 2023

Croatian fans are upset with the performance of their national team at the tournament

The result disappointed the whole soccer part of the country. Vlasic and Lovren also suffered.

The Croatian national team got off to a poor start at the World Cup in Qatar. Zlatko Dalic’s team had a dull game against Morocco (0-0) and disappointed even their own fans.

Sportske Novosti believes that the vice world champions showed too much respect for their opponent.

– Pale Croatia at the start of the World Cup. We did not cope with Morocco, there is a hard struggle to get out of the group. Our team did not beat a disciplined opponent, and the few chances were not realized due to poor attacking play. The feeling is that our players took the field with too much respect for the Moroccans.

Dnevno expressed dissatisfaction with the tactical plan of Croatia’s head coach.

– We have every right to be disappointed. Croatia did not confirm their status as favorites and played poorly against Morocco. Preferences aside, it was a rather boring encounter. Neither team deserved to win. It’s hard to accept that the head coach chose cautious tactics for the match. As soon as our players added a little, the opponent got nervous and made mistakes. Croatia showed too much respect for the opponent.

Former Croatian national team defender Stepan Thomas, who used to play for Rubin, explained how the vice-champion of the world should have played.

– Unfortunately, we didn’t show our game today. Croatia’s game was pale. We were not at the level we should have been. Our team made life difficult for itself with this result. There was nothing to hope for in a game like this. We had to play more vertically, to create sharpness at the others’ goal. But in the end the Croatian players were too much in their half of the field. Our team is very dependent on players like Modric and Brozovic. If it doesn’t go well for them, it is hard to count on success.

The Croatian team, despite its unstable play, is still fighting to make it out of the group. To watch the matches of the favorite team even more interesting, we advise to use live betting odds.

Here are some fan comments on the Vecernji list website. The fans are not shy to criticize the players.

Drago.miota: “The Croatian national team with this squad can only score by chance”.

Vivian: “For the first half hour we watched a pale and indifferent Croatia. There is nothing more boring than endless passes in our own half.

Prava Hrvatina: “Our team plays heroically against one of the favorites of World Cup 2022.

IliHrvatskaIliNišta: “Sosa, Juranovic, Vlasic – leave the field!”

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