April 14, 2024

How To Build The Ultimate Gaming Computer

Every single one of us likes to find some time and relax. Every single human being also needs time for entertainment and recreational activities. There are different ways to enjoy your leisure time, and gaming is surely one of them. People of all ages like a certain kind of game, and today we’ll be exploring one of those options. PC gaming, as of late, has become one of the biggest industries in both the gaming and PC departments. 

Gamers of all kinds, ages, gender, and culture could gather together and enjoy the same kind of game. Going a bit more specific, PC gaming is more accessible than ever, and most of us could probably build a decent gaming computer on the cheap. However, that is not the aim of this article. For this, we will be talking about that ideal PC, the true and ultimate gaming computer. 

All of the considerations needed will be listed below, such as NVMe vs. M.2 or what kind of display you should get. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what the ultimate gaming computer would look like.


Although we have gotten specific to computer gaming, there is also a myriad of games that you could play. Each game focuses on a different type of experience, such as full immersion or competitive shooting games. This matters in choosing your best computer build, and we will try to be as comprehensive as possible in considering the computer parts. As a guideline, we will focus on the two most popular ways of gaming: competitive, reaction-based, and fast-twitch games and immersive, adventure, and storytelling-type games. 

The CPU, GPU, and storage

These three things are one of the most important parts of building a computer, period. However, when it comes to gaming, these three should also be given priority at the highest level. As for the processor, also called CPU, you couldn’t go wrong nowadays with the top-of-the-line offerings from the two tech giants: AMD and Intel. 

Intel’s i9, 13th generation, or AMD’s latest Ryzen 9 offerings give you the most performance you could ever ask for. The CPU ensures smooth gameplay in the loading and file management department, so it’s important to get the best out there. You don’t need to go to server CPUs with very high core counts, but a solid 16-core CPU will do the job. As for the GPU, it depends on what kind of gaming you do. If you’re into immersive, graphic-intensive games, then a good GPU from Nvidia, such as the RTX 4000 series, would serve you well. 

However, if you’re playing first-person shooter games where smoothness and fast paced-actions are the names of the game, then you don’t need as high a level of a GPU. Lastly, very fast storage, such as SSDs and NVMe drives, would be your best bet. Having a fast storage system will let your games run smoother and, more importantly, load faster.


Monitors nowadays have a lot of features and quirks that you could easily get lost in. To simplify, here are some of the things to keep in mind. For immersive gamers, then a high-resolution, color-accurate, and HDR-capable monitor is what you should look for. For competitive gamers, on the other hand, you should secure a low latency, high refresh rate monitor. This will ensure your reactive inputs (and the enemies) are reflected as quickly as possible whenever they happen. 

There are monitors that have all of these specifications combined, and you could also go that route if you really want to. As long as you have the budget, then your imagination is your limit.

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