July 18, 2024

How to crack the SBI clerk examination on the first attempt?

The world of competitive exams necessitates the candidates to work hard. Standing out from the crowd is vital when preparing for the SBI clerk exams. This exam’s difficulty level is relatively high compared to other exams. Candidates might notice changes in the exam pattern every year, and the aspirants should be aware of this detail.

You can compare the SBI clerk 2021 question paper with the previous year’s papers to identify the modification in the exam pattern. If you are preparing for the clerical exams, ensure you enhance calculating speed and accuracy. This article will help you create a perfect study plan to clear the SBI clerk exam on the very first attempt. Candidates gearing up to appear for the SBI clerk exams should immediately commence their exam preparations by following the information below.

English language

When starting with this subject, you can categorise two sections such as strong and weak. If you have a good understanding of the English language, it will help you prepare well for the exams. Be strong in the basics so that scoring marks will be easier. 

It would be best to read the newspapers daily to improve your language. Take up the mock tests that help you figure out the strong and weak sections. Buy good quality study material and start your exam preparations. It is impossible to develop your vocabulary overnight, so take it slow and steady.

Reasoning ability and computer aptitude

This section is crucial, and candidates should be well aware of the reasoning topics. You will find puzzles and seating arrangements under the reasoning section, so these queries are very challenging. It is essential to improve your skills, and you should take advantage of even a mark. When it comes to reasoning questions, you can’t rely on tricks and answering is based on practice.   

Quantitative aptitude

This section requires individuals to practise well, and you must concentrate on topics such as percentage, profit loss, and more. It’s hard to learn everything within a limited time but make sure to study well and utilise the time resourcefully. Practising will help improve speed and accuracy, which are crucial to secure high marks in the section.

Always understand the basic concept properly; you can spend a couple of days on topics from which several questions are asked. Solving as many questions as possible and taking mock tests regularly are essential. 

In a nutshell, practice is the key to securing the best marks in SBI clerk exams. When ready to revise, go through the SBI clerk 2021 question paper and find answers. The latest exam pattern and questions in the 2021 paper will help you plan the strategy well.

General and financial awareness

This topic necessitates individuals to memorise facts and events. You should have precise knowledge of current affairs, sports, the Indian constitution and more. 

If you are learning General awareness topics, keep actual events in mind and link those events with other details you’d like to remember. The abbreviations are easier but can confuse the exam hall. It is better to practise well and properly know current affairs.

Wrapping up

If you are ready to commence the SBI clerk exam preparations, utilise the above tips. It will help you complete the learning and revise well to secure high scores. The study resources and revision materials will strengthen your exam preparations, so find these elements from the best website.

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