July 19, 2024

The Process of Cultivating & Buying Marijuana Seeds

Whether you are new to growing marijuana or a seasoned grower, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting seeds. These include germination rates, legality, and feminization.


Buying feminized is a great way to boost your yields and increase your gardening diversity. However, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of seed before you buy them.

Unlike regular, feminized seedlings are designed to create only female plants. This can reduce the risk of pollination. In addition, a sativa plant‘s genetics will likely be better suited to outdoor cultivation such as in a greenhouse or in a more natural setting, even.

Typically, a feminized cannabis seed will take six weeks to fully develop, and it’s possible that the harvest will be a bit less than the seed’s potential. However, the resulting buds are not only beautiful, they’re also potent.

One of the main advantages of feminized seedlings is that they are much easier to grow than regular ones. They contain no Y chromosome, making them easy to propagate. Moreover, they can be stored for years. Some of the most popular strains are available in feminized form.

Another benefit of feminized seedlings is that they can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When growing indoors (https://www.pinterest.com/imcannabess/indoor-grows/) you can control the temperature, humidity, and lighting. In addition, a greenhouse can extend the growing season. Whether you choose to grow marijuana outdoors or indoors, you need to make sure that you provide sufficient light and nutrients.

You may also want to consider purchasing an auto flowering cannabis seed. These seedlings are especially good for beginners. They can flower in about eight weeks, and they’re also very easy to grow.

Auto flowering

Among the many types of seed available, auto flowering seeds are the easiest to grow. They are also more convenient for growers with limited knowledge and experience. However, they may not be as potent as the other varieties.

Unlike regular seeds, auto flowering cannabis plants do not require a specific light cycle. Instead, they go through a brief vegetative phase before flowering. These plants can produce great yields with little maintenance.

These plants can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Some growers build elaborate grow systems to maximize their light intake. Others simply stick the plant in the ground. The key to success is determining your growth expectations and the amount of space you have.

The highest yielding auto flowers will produce up to 650g per square meter. If you’re not experienced, you may want to choose a strain that is easier to grow, such as Gelato. This hybrid strain packs a punch without knocking you out. It has good THC content, too.

Purple Lemonade is another beginner friendly auto flowering plant. It has a strong taste and is very easy to grow. Its 1% CBD content is thought to have calming effects. The high THC content will give you a full body high.

Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular cannabis strains. It has high THC content, as well as cerebral effects. It’s also known for its high yields. GG4 is a hybrid strain that is very easy to grow indoors. It hits hard and instantly. The THC content can reach 27%.

Stored in a cool, dark, dry place

Having seed stored in a cool, dark, and dry place is important to maintaining their viability. When stored improperly, seeds may begin to wilt or die within a few days. This can be especially problematic for people who live in areas with warm climates. The best place to store seeds is in a dedicated fridge. Modern refrigerators generally have low humidity levels.

Having a second fridge is a good idea, too. For longer storage, a vacuum seal container is a good choice, but you can visit OG Seeds for more info. This is because it helps to prevent light and moisture from getting in. It also keeps the relative humidity low, which is an important factor in keeping seeds dry and germinating.

In the short term, a dark cupboard or drawer is great for storing seeds. They don’t need to be vacuum sealed, but an airtight container is necessary. To keep moisture levels low, some people use a packet of silica gel. These are often included with different products.

Other desiccant options include uncooked rice. You can also use sandpaper to scratch the shell of the seed. Some seeds can last for years when stored in a cool, dark, and moisture-free environment. But you should be aware that these types of seeds can also be damaged by light.

You can also use a vacuum seal container, which is an excellent option for storing cannabis seeds. This type of storage maintains a consistent, low-humidity environment, which is a must for any seed collector.


Purchasing seed is legal in the United States, but the actual process can be tricky. Before you start your search, it’s important to understand the laws surrounding cannabis seed sales in your state. However, you want to make sure you know the legalities in your own state, or even your country of origin.

The main thing to look for when buying seeds is whether or not you are able to grow them. If you’re growing for medicinal purposes, you should be able to obtain a cultivation permit. Some states allow people to cultivate hemp, which is a different type of plant. You should also check with your local government to see if your area has a medical marijuana program.

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