July 17, 2024

The Psychology of Space: An Interior That Feels Good

Have you ever noticed how interiors affect our well-being? Some spaces inspire creativity, work, or relaxation, while others depress us and make us feel uncomfortable. Acoustics and lighting, color and shape, scale and materials are components that affect our state of mind. How to furnish a home to be magical and fulfilling?

Warming Color Interior

Home decor affects our psychological and physical health. And it’s understandable. Home closes our basic need for security. It’s an “island” where we shelter from the outside world, are alone with ourselves, and go through difficult situations. It’s a territory of restoration, a place of personal transformation and embodiment of ideas. Much depends on the color scheme of the interior. Color, similar to gambling at a live play casino, can warm, cool, soothe, cheer up, or set things in motion. It can even influence our biochemistry: breathing, pulse, and heart rhythm.

This isn’t to say that there is a good or bad color – it’s all subjective. For example, for one person blue will be associated with the color of his mother’s dress from childhood, for another – with the hospital. We fill color with meaning ourselves. But there are general characteristics of tone, which should be taken into account. So blue sets up for peace and relaxation.

In psychological terms, it means satisfaction, harmony, relaxation, and comfort. The color red has the opposite meaning. It’s the color of energy and blood, it excites and accelerates. And in stressful situations, it causes tension. You should be more careful with it in the bedroom.

Yellow is the color of the sun. It symbolizes the need to open up. It’s a light, radiant, energizing, and warming color.

Natural green means life and care. It soothes and balances, refreshes, and renews spaces. There are many more shades and combinations that will be appropriate in the home, depending on your expectations and associations.

Comfortable Lighting Interior

In the interior, special attention should be paid to lighting. Properly placed light helps you feel comfortable and safe. It’s better to use less overhead light, and avoid lonely and faceless chandeliers as the only source of light in the room.

Engage different scenarios of light: the bottom, when you want privacy (this low floor or wall-mounted lights), ornamental chandeliers and lights as accent points and decoration of the house, floor floor floor lamps, light on the surfaces of dressers, console tables. Arrange table lamps, the light from which will gently illuminate the room.

Handmade Items Interior

In the winter, we want more warmth. We are happy to wrap ourselves in soft clothes, especially if they are created with love and carry the warmth of human hands. Add knitted decor to the interior. It intuitively refers to pleasant memories, creating a disposing home atmosphere. Volumetric textures are aesthetic, they are interesting to look at and you want to touch them.

Pleasant Details About Interiors

The details that make a house sweet are those that are connected with the best memories. These can be scents that take you on vacation or little things that you bring back from your travels. The main thing is that such elements evoke positive emotions and joy. The more interior touches that can make you happy, the more healing the atmosphere of your home.

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