July 17, 2024

What New Residents Must Know About the Water Quality in Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg, MD in Montgomery County is home to over sixty-nine thousand people, providing top-quality healthcare, restaurants, and other essential services. Also, nearly fifty percent of the local population owns their homes.

However, many new residents have a question about Gaithersburg water quality, especially those who move here with children and older adults. They want to know how safe it is to consume tap water in the city and if there are any potential health threats. The following information can help clear some of these doubts and alleviate your fears about moving to this nice city.

Gaithersburg water source

Before studying how safe the water in the city is for consumption, it helps to know a bit about the water source. Since Gaithersburg is in the west part of the county, its water source is the Potomac River. The renowned Potomac Water Filtration Plant treats water from this famous river before being sent to homes in the city and other west-side areas such as Kensington, Bethesda, Rockville, and Chevy Chase.

Other regions in Maryland receive their water from the Patuxent River, which also passes through a treatment process before being sent for consumption.

Potential contamination

Water contamination in the city can occur for several reasons. One of these happens to be natural elements such as magnesium, arsenic, iron, and calcium that seep into the water. Artificial contaminants, such as nitrites and other chemicals through agriculture, plastic items, and lead from old pipes, are also prevalent.

Untreated water in Gaithersburg contains various viruses, bacteria, and other organisms that harm your health. The state ensures additives and UV light to the water treatment process to ensure these pathogens are killed to make the water safe for Gaithersburg residents to drink.

Additives can harm pipes in Gaithersburg homes

If you have purchased a home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, rest assured that the water quality is rated as excellent. However, chemicals from treating the local water can often be corrosive to your pipes, sewage lines, and other plumbing parts. Consequently, you will see an increase in plaque, grease, and other debris over time, especially if you neglect to address the issue.

The WSSC also uses permanganate and chlorine to treat water for the locals, both of which pose the same risks as mentioned above.

Call a plumber to address the issue

If you have a problem with Gaithersburg water quality, contact an experienced master plumber to address the issue. They have unmatched expertise and high-end equipment to provide water-treating services for residential and commercial purposes. Their services will ensure the water in your home is safe for residents of all ages to drink.

You can book an appointment online or schedule a virtual one if you need guidance for quick leak repairs during emergencies. They typically extend services to Maryland regions such as Bethesda, Damascus, Germantown, Wheaton, Silver Spring, Burtonsville, and others. It helps new residents in all these regions access top-quality plumbing services.

Finally, these Gaithersburg experts can also unclog drains, fix and install water heaters, repair faucets, install toilets, and ensure routine drain cleaning so you enjoy an uninterrupted clean water supply.

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