July 17, 2024

5 Things to Avoid While Betting on the NFL

In 2018, the US gambling landscape seismically changed following the repeal of PASPA. That federal law single-handily maintained a nationwide ban on sports betting everywhere in the United States for decades. Since the US supreme court cleared the way for states to freely decide if they want to allow this pastime to their residents, Americans have wagered over $125 billion on sports. Moreover, a study from the Pew Research Center shows that around one-in-five US adults have bet on sporting events in the last year, whether online or at retail outlets.

The results from the cited Pew Research Center survey, which involved over six thousand Americans, illustrated that men under the age of fifty are the likeliest to wager, and most bettors’ sport of choice is football. That should be no surprise, as in February 2022, the American Gaming Association estimated that 31.4 million US residents would bet $7.4 billion on the 2022 Superbowl.

Thus, it is clear that the number of people choosing to engage in NFL betting will only grow going forward. So, here are five things everyone looking to get into this hobby should avoid.

Sticking to One Sportsbook

One of the most crucial mistakes most newbie NFL bettors make is finding a betting platform that tickles their fancy and sticking with it for extended periods. Various analyses tout one site as better than the competition, but the truth is that no app lists the best odds continuously. For example, multiple BetUS complete review articles mention that this old-school brand has the best lines in the sector. While that may be accurate as a general statement, it will only hold for some NFL events.

Bovada, another premium internet sportsbook, has what gamblers call soft odds, meaning it is slow to update its lines when various circumstances come into play, such as injuries. Therefore, it often can offer better deals than BetUS for gamblers that can act fast and take advantage of these opportunity windows.

Overusing Parlays

A parlay is a simple multi or accumulator bet. It is wagering multiple markets on one slip. While their accumulated odds and promised winnings seem appealing, most NFL betting newbies don’t understand how low the probabilities of parlay slips paying out are.

The standard thinking in betting circles is that parlays aren’t worth the money. They may be fun, but the odds increase with each successive bet, making the overall ones shrink. Anything over a three-event parlay is overkill and should get avoided at all costs. They are a common cause for gamblers getting upset with teams’ performances that they otherwise love to watch.

Preferring the Over

Betting the over signifies that a bettor predicts that the two clashing teams will combine more goals, runs, or points than the totals listed. Wagering the under, on the other hand, describes the exact opposite occurring. Though many gamblers like to illogically favor the over, as it is easier to estimate that a category will go above a certain threshold, stats show that wagering the over/under generated virtually identical winning results.

For instance, one 2020 research yielded data that indicated that gamblers almost straight down the line accurately guessed the under and over bets they made. So, it is just as wise to bet the under as the over.

Not Following Sports News & Stats

Everything can affect event odds. That includes weather conditions. Predictions of rain and heavy win have traditionally pushed point lines dramatically down because lower temperatures statistically lead to more fumbles outside and in the pocket. That is why it is paramount that everyone stays on top of forecasts and explores to see what teams play better in what field conditions.

Tracking player injuries, team friction rumors, potential management problems, and the like is vital. All these can play a pivotal role in a franchise’s performance throughout the season and single matches. Not being appropriately informed is a disservice to oneself’s wagering career.

Utilizing Strange Props

NFL proposition wagers, also known as props, are bets based on specific statistical outcomes or events happening during a game. For instance, they can involve things such as will a quarterback be able to throw more than two touchdowns in a given game.

Various renowned sportsbooks offer an array of prop wagers on every NFL game. Hence, it is easy to get drawn into prop betting, especially since bettors can make prop wagers even on events as they occur. Yet, the smart money is on staying away from them and sticking to straight bets.

To Wrap Up

Those serious about regularly betting on the NFL should look to diversify their wagers, check out betting exchanges, factor in home-field advantage and injuries, and never chase losses. Remember, creating a weekly/monthly/full-season bankroll can go a long way in gambling, remaining a strictly entertainment-driven pastime in the long haul.

For more gambling news and reviews of top NFL sportsbooks, visit SBS.

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